02 MayKyuushoku of the Week


Rice pilaf, pasta salad, apple jelly,green veggie soup and as always milk. I loved this lunch it was really yummy! I just don’t know why they mixed the pilaf (the red stuff) in the rice for the kids but they kept mine separate?


A typical monthly school lunch menu based off of Sen-no-Rikyu’s concept of one soup three sides or ichiju- sansai for a healthy balanced meal. So that means a typical meal always includes a soup, rice, bread or noodles, some kind of protein like fish, chicken, egg etc. and a veggie meat salad. They love throwing in protein where ever they can. The little pictures indicate that all of these requirements are met on a daily basis.


Yuck one of my least favorite meals at schools. Chikuwa and squid yakisoba, rice bread, canned fruit mixed with whipped cream and a gyoza. Normally I love yakisoba but this yakisoba is so dry and the flavor of the chikuwa is so fishy and strong it is really unpleasant to smell or eat. The rice bread is even worse. It is dry and tasteless and I always choke on it. I tried to make a yakisoba sandwich but because both the bread and yakisoba where so dry it was impossible to eat and made a mess. I hate the fruit salad too. This is one of the rare times we are given fruit and school and they have to coat it in whipped cream. I hate whipped cream. The only saving grace of this meal is the gyoza and I only get one of those.


Tofu steak (mixed with a bit of chicken), hijiki veggie salad, rice and tomato based soup. This meal was surprisingly good. I figured I would like the tofu steak and the rice. The real treats though where the soup and the salad. The soup was a velvety tomato based soup that had a rich strong flavor from pork and cabbage and other veggies. The real surprise was the salad. I have always hated hijiki but this salad was really really good and I went back for seconds!


Tonjiru without the jiru, grilled mackerel, rappini and tofu salad, rice and milk. This meal is alright. I like mackerel but it is very stinky when they serve it at school for some reason and the taste lingers all day.


Yeah this just was not a good meal. I was surprised too it look more appealing then it turned out to be. The tofu square was soap like and the miso sauce for it was really strong and not very tasty. The carrot, daikon and seaweed salad was also oddly flavored and unpleasant. The “soup” was alright but the large bits of deep fried tofu had a weird rubber like texture to it. Even the rice seemed overcooked and mushy today. The milk was good. I liked that a lot.

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